Reduce your power bill

The Green Remote is the universal air conditioning remote that saves you money

The Green Remote saves you money by restricting the temperature range of your existing air conditioner to 22ºC - 25ºC. Save up to 40% on your power bill.

Perfect for:

  • Your home air conditioners
  • Commercial use; hotels and motels
  • Managed apartments
  • Work camps and mining sites

How does it work?

Save money

Did you know that an air conditioner running at 18ºC will use much more energy than one at 22ºC? Limiting the temperature range of your air conditioners can save you hundreds of dollars per year per unit.

Reduce maintenance

The life of an air conditioning unit is drastically decreased when continuously run at very high or very low temperates. The Green Remote keeps your air conditioner running between 22ºC and 25ºC, helping to minimise breakdowns and repair costs. In fact, up to 40% of your air conditioning running costs can be saved by simply switching to our Green Remote solution.

Easy to use

Compatible with over  10,000 air conditioning models , The Green Remote is very simple to setup  and use. The Green Remote is also backed by our 12 month replacement warranty for your peace of mind.

Order online

Replace your air conditioner remotes with The Green Remote. Order online, it's fast and easy. Discounts available on larger orders.

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10 Pack
Buy a 10 pack of Green Remotes and save 5%.

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Buy a 50 pack of Green Remotes and save 13%.

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